Ian Nairn: Words in Place

ian nairn“This book is a celebration of a great British writer who for two decades lit up the sky and then slid away into near oblivion; but also, we hope, an introduction for people who, thirty years after his death, have yet to make his instructive and hugely enjoyable acquaintance. In June 1955, when he was 24, Ian Nairn erupted on to the architecture and town planning scene with a furious polemic called Outrage, a series of contributions to the Architectural Review that became a book with the power to open people’s eyes as never before to what was happening to the world they saw every day but failed to notice.”…This is how Gillian Darley & David Mckie’s book on the architectural critic Ian Nairn begins. In it they chart his life and work with the help of contributions from writers who knew Nairn.
Gillian Darley came into our bookshop this morning to see how her book was doing and we took the opportunity to ask her to sign some copies for us. The book retails at £10.99 and you should be able to find it on our front table, where we place the books that we like the most at the moment.

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