Jan Gehl Book Signing at the RIBA Bookshop Portland Place

jangehlThe 66PP blog launches today, and it coincides with a visit from Jan Gehl to the RIBA Bookshop. Jan has been one of the key speaker’s in today’s RIBA Research symposium “Urban Thresholds”. His new book “How to Study Public Life” is out in the UK today. The book is a follow-up of “Cities for People”, where the reader is given the “tools” necessary for the city planner to create better and happier places for people to live in. In “How to Study Public Life” Jan Gehl and Birgitte Svarre tell us how to make use of those tools.
The author popped down to our ground floor bookshop at lunch time to have a cup of Adelio’s coffee with us, sign copies of his books and have a chat with students and professionals who came to the RIBA for the day to hear him speak and discuss their projects. As usual, he was inspirational, knowledgeable and genuinely humane.
And btw….his book “cities for People” has been translated into 21 different languages. He told us that what matters to him is to make the information available to others, so he gave up his royalty rights to make these translations possible.

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