We are the booksellers that work at the RIBA Bookshop in central London.  You will find us on the ground floor of the Royal Institute of British Architects headquarters.  An impressive Art Deco building designed by George Grey Wornum in the 1930’s, on the corner of Portland Place and Weymouth  Street, only a few minutes away from Marylebone High Street and Oxford Circus. The bookshop specialises in the field of architecture. Here you will find a vast selection of titles ranging from monographs, landscape architecture, history, urban planning, interior design, theory, practice management, city guides, construction technology and contracts, to world architecture, magazines, moleskines, mini model kits, and top trumps on materials amongst other things. We work in what is considered one of the best architecture bookshops in the world, therefore international visitors that share a passion in architecture make us one of their destinations when they visit London. We are also very lucky to have many authors that write on architecture visit us regularly. We thought that it would be a good idea to promote them and their books through our blog.  Throughout the years, we have also found that we have such a vast array of titles in our shelves, that it has become an increasingly impossible task to display all of them properly.  The inevitable tragedy of this situation is that many gems that we know people would enjoy reading and looking at, remain undiscovered, hidden and forgotten in one of our many shelves.  This is why we decided to start this blog, to share and recommend the books we love, and make the architecture enthusiasts aware of authors, events and other interesting curiosities we come across, that we think you might like as well.  We hope we succeed in bringing some inspiration to you through the work that we do. The Booksellers at 66PP.

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