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Virginia Verran’s Wall Drawing : ‘RIBA (space)’


Detail of Virginia Verran’s “RIBA Space Wall Drawing”

Painter Virginia Verran accepted our invitation to create a piece for the RIBA Bookshop space to accompany our latest drawings exhibition, which is now open to the public.

If you haven’t seen it yet, selected works from the book Anchor are being exhibited inside the bookshop until the 15th of March.

Anchor is a collection of drawn interpretations of the idea of outline by 14 different fine artists selected by the editor of the book Joe Graham. Amongst the contributions we find the work of Virginia Verran.

virginia 111

Virginia Verran at work in the RIBA Space

The artist will be presenting her work at the RIBA Bookshop on Tuesday 9th of February from 6:30 until 8:30pm.  Editor of Anchor Joe Graham will also present his new  book.  The launch will feature an in conversation session about the Anchor project with Joe Graham, Chantal Faust, Tom Morton and Virginia Verran.

As usual this is an open event and all are welcome to attend.  We hope to see you tonight!



The Room That Changes Your Brain


The inimitable Rosalyn Dexter takes us on a fascinating journey. Through her cutting edge scientific research, she reveals how the architecture and design of our surroundings can enhance how we think and feel, improve our fundamental physiology and even rejuvenate our cells. Rosalyn will unveil a ground-breaking perspective on how the power of strategic design can tangibly improve our lives.
To determine how your environment is altering your DNA , effecting your productivity, relationships and general wellness…
Join us on Wednesday 25th March at 7pm
Royal Institute of British Architects
66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD

Rosalyn Dexter is a modern day pioneer, exploring our neurological responses to our environment.
Drawing on 30 years of experience in architecture and design, and over a decade of research into psychology and neurobiology, Rosalyn has achieved international recognition in her field. She has advised businesses and politicians, consulted at Downing Street and lectured at the Royal College of Art. Rosalyn is also a prolific writer, authoring four published books. The Room That Changes Your Brain has been called a manifesto on design and her most recent work, ‘Design is a Mind-Field. Cell rejuvenating architecture and design,’ is available from the RIBA Bookshop at £11.95