Jan Kaplický Drawings

A collection of reproductions of line drawings by visionary architect and master draughtsman Jan Kaplický are currently on show at the RIBA Bookshop until the end of October.  The exhibition celebrates the recent publication of the book Jan Kaplický Drawings by Circa Press, and is a homage to the declining art of architectural hand drawing, through the design studies of the influential founding figure of Future Systems.

Renowned for his futuristic designs, Kaplický remained passionate about hand drawing throughout his life.  For him, it was an essential component in the process of discovering and constructing new design ideas. He engaged in the practice of this craft daily.  Throughout his career Kaplický sketched, while others in his practice took on the task of computer generated drawing.

The book brings together a comprehensive selection of Kaplický’s sketches, ink drawings and photomontages that should appeal to those interested in architecture and design.  And, if you are interested in contemporary conceptual art you’ll find a very interesting link between Kaplický’s utopian visions depicted in his two dimensional photomontages and Michael Craig-Martin’s paintings and sculpture installations.

If you are interested in this exhibition, we are organising a bookshop talk on Kaplický’s work at the beginning of the new academic year.  Watch this space for further details.

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