A Voysey Celebration

Charles Lawrence, Wendy Hitchmough, David Cole, Luke Walsh

Charles Lawrence, Wendy Hitchmough, David Cole, Luke Walsh

The London Festival of Architecture continues, and here at the RIBA Bookshop we celebrated it’s second week with a Book Launch.  The Art and Architecture of C.F.A. Voysey  is the first comprehensive volume written on this celebrated English figure of the Arts & Crafts movement, since author and Architectural Historian Wendy Hitchmough wrote the definitive Voysey monograph twenty years ago.  Melbourne Architect David Cole has put together a collection of the best examples of Voysey’s famous watercolour architectural drawings, presented in real scale, in this handsome book. The drawings are complemented by a selection of full colour, large format recent photographs of more than 25 Voysey designed extant houses.  David came to London to celebrate the launch of the book on Tuesday night with the Voysey Society.  Historians, Architects, owners of Voysey houses, enthusiasts and writers such as Wendy Hitchmough and David Valinsky (An Architect Speaks: The writings and Buildings of Edward Schroder Prior) as well as some of those who helped with the research and reproduction process of the images, came to the reception to congratulate David on the publication of this wonderful book.

We asked David to sign some copies of the book for our customers, if you’d like yo acquire one you can enquire by writing me here.

Here at the RIBA bookshop we wish to congratulate David on his book and we eagerly await his next written project.

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