Architecture of Change

Ethics in Architecture 6

Thank you to all that came to the RIBA Bookshop and took part in the discussion about Ethics and the business of architecture.

Architect and author Sumita Sinha invited Nabeel Hamdi and Anthony Powis to engage with the public in a conversation about the ethical dilemmas that architects face today.

In the light of recent reports about the death of over 1000 migrant workers involved in construction projects for the Qatar World Cup, questions such as who is responsible for addressing such issues are currently under scrutiny.  Can architects influence the construction process of their designs and ensure that all individuals involved in the project are protected and fairly treated? How much should architects compromise when facing a client with opposing ethical values? How can architects challenge cultural conventions that are dangerous to our health and/or the environment? Is it true that ethics gets in the way of good business?  These are some of the open ended topics of the evening that, far from giving any definitive answers, served to raise awareness and open a discussion about responsibility and the power to affect change.

If you’d like to keep informed of any future events in the RIBA Bookshop, you can write me an e-mail here.

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