Ethics and the Business of Architecture


Tuesday 2nd June, 6:30-8:30pm.  RIBA Bookshop, 66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD.  Tickets: Free

As competition in the UK becomes tighter, architects are keen to find work overseas, often in such places where the prevailing human rights record has been a growing cause of concern and debate for some time.  Is the question of ethics in architecture a matter where business must be led by pragmatics of the head, rather than emotions of the heart? Or is compromise a defeat? Are students of architecture being taught about ethics or is it assumed that each individual will do as they see fit when they start to practice? A panel discussion led by Sumita Sinha, Professor Nabeel Hamdi and Anthony Powis discuss this thorny subject, followed by Q&A.

Sumita Sinha is the author of Architecture for Rapid Change and Scarce Resources and founder of Architects for Change, Equality Forum for British Architects and Charusila, a small charity promoting culturally appropriate sustainable architecture.

Professor Nabeel Hamdi is teaching associate at Oxford Brookes and author of some of the most influential texts on participatory design such as Small Change and The Spacemakers Guide to Big Change.

Anthony Powis is a London based architect who makes public spaces with muf architecture/art, teaches DS9 at the University of Westminster with Camilla Wilkinson, and volunteers on the management team of Architecture Sans Frontieres – UK

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