Second Nature Urban Agriculture

Bookshop Talk, Tuesday 2nd December 6:30 – 8:30, RIBA Bookshop, 66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD

The roof kitchen garden at Riba's headquarters in Portland Place produces herbs and vegetables for the restaurant on the first floor.

The roof kitchen garden at Riba’s headquarters in Portland Place produces herbs and vegetables for the restaurant on the first floor.

Ten years on from the Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (CPUL City) concept, Andre Viljoen and Katrin Bohn continue their urban agriculture research with their recent publication Second Nature Urban Agriculture. The book updates the authors’ concept for introducing productive urban landscapes, including urban agriculture, into cities as essential elements of sustainable urban infrastructure.  Ever since it was first introduced, the concept has had a profound effect on thinking about urban design and the nature of the contemporary city.  Driven by the imperatives of climate change mitigation, changing economics, demographics and resource supply, the ideas embodied within the CPUL concept have entered international urban design discourse.  This new book reviews recent research and projects on the subject and presents a toolkit of actions aimed at making urban agriculture happen.

Why did Second Nature Urban Agriculture need to be written?

People have a desire for open, green and convivial spaces. And they have a desire for good and healthy food as well as a beautiful, functioning and equitable environment. We believe that in order to answer these desires for space and food, cities and we as citizens need to address the way we occupy space. And if the relationship of our cities to their foods is changing, we believe, that this change can be designed for.

For example, increasing rates of urbanisation, combined with population growth and rising living standards are placing an ever greater pressure on global resources. These conditions necessitate a rethinking of the city and of urban design. Business as usual is an untenable strategy, especially if society is not to become increasingly inequitable. Food and food systems play a major role in maintaining the viability of cities and within this urban agriculture has a significant role to play when developing more sustainable and desirable urban landscapes. (A. Viljoen & K. Bohn)

Andre Viljoen; Cany Ash from Ash Sakula Architects; Ben Reynolds, network co-ordinator at Sustain (the alliance for better food and farming) will engage in a table top discussion about urban food production, presented by former RIBA president Angela Brady and moderated by Luc Sanciaume who is currently completing his Part 1 in Architecture at Westminster University.  Members of the audience are welcome to participate in the debate.

This event is open to all, but due to limited space availability prior booking is advised.  If you’d like to attend please rsvp to:

The Book is available from our website at £34.99

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