Block & Spiel…. Cities of Exchange

Bookshop Discussion: Tuesday 17th June, at 18:30, RIBA Bookshop, 66 Portland Place, W1B 1AD

Our first bookshop event for this year’s London Festival of Architecture comes from the hand of Block & Spiel  editors Rob Wilson and Edmund Wilson.  Cities of Exchange: Exploring the New Urbanisms and Landscapes of Commerce  will feature guests Andy Groarke & Kevin Carmody of Carmody Groarke, Patrick Lynch of Lynch Architects and David Hills of DSDHA to engage in a table top discussion on commerce and architecture chaired by Rob Wilson.  The architects will open the discussion with a short presentation of some of their most recent projects in London like the Alex Monroe Studio, the Filling Station, and Victoria Street, with the help of drawings and models.  We have also selected an interesting range of book titles related to the evening’s topic to display on the day.  If you’d like to take part in the discussion please email  Refreshments will be served during the event and we will offer 10% on all purchases to all guests attending the evening.

block event flyer

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