Disappointment and Failure in Architecture

Our latest  author visitor to the bookshop  is Timothy Brittain-Catlin, he is Senior Lecturer at Kent School of Architecture and has recently published Bleakhouses: Disappointment and Failure in Architecture, a compelling catalog of architectural losers and failures that sets out to explore the underside of architecture, often ignored by architectural historians and critics.  In this book you’ll get acquainted with the three groups of losers in the architecture profession as well as the bullies, the sissies, the disenchanted and the stories behind some of the buildings they left behind.  Once you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll have learnt a new way of looking at architecture.

Timothy Brittain-Catlin signing copies of "Bleakhouses"

Timothy Brittain-Catlin signing copies of “Bleakhouses”

We asked Timothy to sign a handful of copies of his book which are now available from the bookshop at £17.95.

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