Zumthor is in the Bookshop!!!

It has been a long wait, riddled with false starts and unfulfilled promises but….. that day has finally arrived.  The long awaited 5 volume set of Peter Zumthor’s complete works delivery arrived in the bookshop this morning shortly after 9:30.  The book was initially scheduled to be published in June last year, however, the search for perfection that has defined the production process of this publication, meant that the release date kept being postponed time after time.  We waited patiently and thought we’d be able to get our hands on it by December, only to be told that the book had to be withdrawn from the printers after a minor defect was discovered at the last minute by Zumthor himself.  We all started to wonder whether the book really existed or was it just another urban myth?

Luke reviewing the book for us

Luke reviewing the book for us

One of our bookshop regulars, Luke, came in to browse this morning and had the privilege of being the first to take a look at  this year’s most wanted architecture title.   We’ve all agreed that it’s been worth the wait.  Thanks Luke for modelling the book for us.


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