Book launch Invitation

Fundación Eduardo Torroja and Riba Bookshops will be celebrating the launch of “Eduardo Torroja 1949: Strategy to Industrialise Housing in Post-World War II” on Tuesday 1st of April from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the RIBA Bookshop in Portland Place1949Invitation[1]

The book  presents detailed graphic information about the design proposals presented to the international housing competition in 1949 organised by Eduardo Torroja, a renowned Spanish Engineer and director of the “Construction and Concrete Institute”, which today bears his name.  At the time, there was a shortage of affordable housing, and Torroja realised that traditional construction methods were failing to provide a suitable solution to this need.  Through this competition  he sought to meet the challenge of finding new working methods that would allow starting a process of industrialision of housing, and improve production at lower costs.  17 countries took part in the competition, and 89 proposals were submitted. Britain also took an active part as a member of the judging panel, Robert Fitzmaurice, Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser of the British Ministry of Works, acted as its representative.

Our guest speakers for the launch are Pepa Cassinello, director of the Eduardo Torroja Foundation, and Bill Addis, from Cambridge University .  This is an open event and all are welcome to attend.  We  hope to see you on the night.

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