3 new journals

the mortice and tenon, project, the modernistThe new year starts with the arrival of two brand new journals and the latest issue of one of our staff favorites “The Modernist”, issue number 9 is called “Dinky” and it sets off to explore a selection of design icons chosen because they are either, small, modest or overlooked. In this issue you’ll find articles on the birth of the modern British stamp, the Fiat 500, the Bubble car and 1960’s car design, postwar pre-fab housing in the Uk, a short history of the African Modernist city Asmara and a some other interesting writings.
“Project” is a brand new journal edited by four young architects living and working in New York, Los Angeles, and the UK, and it sets out to explore the idea of a project in architecture through readings, conversations, critiques and other theoretical proposals.
Lastly we have the arrival of “Mortice and Tenon” a journal of traditional timber frame carpentry edited by the carpenter’s fellowship. We are selling a bundle of seven slim issues at £7.00 and in it you’ll find Russian wooden churches, Japanese carpentry, Thomas Heatherwick, the reconstruction of the Kintaikyo bridge, the Eden core project and many other wonders made out of wood.

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